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Top 100 Remote Companies Hiring in 2021

In 2015, 3.9 million U.S. workers were doing it remotely. That number has since grown to 4.7 million today. Remote work continues to grow, and if 2021 has shown us anything, that number isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

How to Get a Remote Job in 2021

Gallup conducted a survey shortly after COVID-19 forced many businesses to transition to remote work overnight. While 62% of Americans say they worked from home during the crisis, 3 in 5 people would prefer to keep it that way. If you are looking to find a permanent remote job, there’s a lot you should know...

Going 100% Remote Due to Covid-19

I recently caught up with my friend Morten. He runs Plytix, a B2B SaaS company in the retail industry. Enter the outbreak of Covid-19… He was forced to take his team fully remote. Two weeks in, I asked for his feedback on the transition. Here’s what he had to say...

How To Employ & Pay Remote Employees Around the World

I was Buffer's Director of Operations & Finance. Paying people internationally is my pet peeve! This guide answers a popular question: "How do I legally and easily hire international employees remotely?"

Remote Work Survival Guide

This article has 3 sections, depending on what you need today: I'm an employee working remotely for the first time. I'm a manager, leading a team remotely for the first time I'm a leader, my company is pushed towards remote. Now what?

2,500 Startups Hiring Remotely in 2021

Every year, we find and list cool Startups Hiring Remotely: 200 Startups Hiring Remotely in 2016 600 Startups Hiring Remotely in 2018 900 Startups Hiring Remotely in 2019 ...and today: 2,500 Startups Hiring Remotely in 2020 🎉🎉