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Our mission

We are KMTX, a fast growing AdTech company building the Ad Platform of the Open Web. We are working to provide the main advertising platform of the Open Web making it simple for anyone to run effective campaigns online. We believe this is the only way of preserving and improving the state of the Internet by making it open and fair. We’re targeting a $200B market.


The problem we’re working on

As of today, Open Web advertising is a mess with unnecessary complexity, opacity, low respect of user privacy and poor performances for advertisers as well as publishers. This is what allows Walled Gardens (Google, Facebook, …) to dominate the online advertising market as they provide simple & efficient advertising platforms. A simple & efficient ad platform is necessary to value the Open Web, promote free access to information and fight the duopoly.


Our solution and achievements

Since 2017, we’ve worked on the hardest part of creating the ad platform of the Open Web. An automated set of tools and technologies to buy advertising in real time while delivering strong performances for advertisers.


We’ve proved that our approach works with over 200 brands on more than 1500 campaigns and managed to consistently beat every advertising platform on the market. This success helped KMTX grow very quickly to an 8 figures revenue.


We are now building and deploying a self-served platform that aims to be “the Facebook Ads of the Open Web”. It allows advertisers to launch campaigns in less than 5 minutes on any inventory (Web, Apps, TV, ...) and deliver strong results for their brand. Simple & Efficient. This platform will be available for advertisers in Europe and North America.

Life & Diversity

Work Environment

Our work environment is built on trust, delivery and mentoring.

We provide you with all the high-end equipment you need to get work done. Whatever you need, you’ll get.

Everyone is approachable with no hierarchy or politics.

We provide a clear salary policy and rating system, allowing you to have a proper understanding of how to increase your seniority.


Office & Remote

We are a remote friendly business, with a headquarters in central Paris, right next to a metro station and with a sensational view on the Eiffel Tower. It’s right at the end of our street.

We also have employees in the UK and Germany.

One of the benefits of working from our office is that you’re able to take advantage of our catering: every day our kitchen is topped with free drinks and snacks.


Team Spirit

We hold regular team building events and an annual retreat to celebrate the work we’ve achieved, usually in an exceptional location.

We’re a multilingual global office, and we hold regular lunch time gaming tournaments. 

We also have a special employee called Leo, some say he’s a tiny lion, but it’s more likely that’s a very cute and friendly dog.



Working at KMTX

We believe that a job should not be “just a job”, but an opportunity to grow. To perform at their best, our people should be happy and challenged. We want our people to evolve, learn, and grow in a pleasurable work environment.

We care a lot about autonomy and trust which we lead by example as being very flexible on work hours or on the missions you want to work. We’ll also always be pleased by and encourage employees taking initiatives.

We are as transparent as possible on what’s going on in the company and everyone in the company is always accessible. No hierarchy blocks.

Finally, we provide a suite of benefits and perks that we believe are meaningful to make the life of our employees better.

Perks & Benefits

  • The most exciting challenges in tech
  • Sane work environment built on trust, delivery and mentoring
  • Attractive salary and remote friendly
  • Dedicated conferences and training budget
  • Central Paris office
  • Fully equipped workstation
  • Restaurant Tickets (Swile)
  • Health Insurance (Alan)
  • Gym subscription (Gymlib)
  • Regular team building events
  • Annual company retreat
  • Partnerships with childcare centers

Applying process

  • Phone Screening
  • Technical interview
  • Personality / team fit interview
  • Chat with founder
  • VP interview
  • Offer

Tech Stack

  • Python
  • Node.js
  • Vue.js
  • AWS
  • Scala
  • Spark
  • Golang

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