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Developer & technical communications

  • Work closely with the research and engineering team members in understanding the diverse deeply technical topics, research, innovations, and features of the Anoma protocol, in order to be able to describe and explain them in written or other forms (e.g. audiovisual) and make them more accessible for a broader audience.
  • Work closely with the co-founders to produce content in alignment with the vision and positioning of the Anoma protocol, as well as short, mid, and long term strategy of the company.
  • Collaborate with the rest of the Product team in ensuring the quality of external communications and in gathering and integrating user feedback.
  • Collaborate with the R&D team in ensuring quality and integrating user feedback on the documentation and supporting materials.
Example projects

Here is a list of example projects and tasks at Heliax or other references from the industry:

  • Bachelors or masters degree in a scientific field (e.g. computer science) or in humanities (e.g. journalism or literature).
  • Motivation and interest in blockchain technologies and the cutting-edge innovations across diverse research fields.
  • Track record of content writing (please share your past writing experience via sharing your academic projects, personal blogs, or professional work).
  • Verbal and written proficiency in English not only to be capable of ensuring and reviewing quality of communications, but also to communicate in the organization or make presentations internally.
  • Strong communication skills in both verbal and written form, passion for creating writing, presenting, and storytelling.
  • Ability to research, outline, write and translate highly technical topics and complex ideas into easy-to-understand and accessible language for the broadest possible audience.
  • Self-organized, proactive, and autonomous at completing the tasks and collaborating with team members across teams.
  • Previous experience working at a technology company and familiarity with GSuite, Slack, and HackMD.
  • Familiarity with the languages and tools used at software product companies, such as Markdown, LaTeX, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Git (e.g. using GitHub).
  • Familiarity with the command-line and interested in playing with developer tools and programming languages.
Bonus Qualifications
  • Knowledge and fluency in other languages.
  • Previous experience in communicating and working with open-source projects.
  • Previous experience in reading or interacting with products and interfaces to blockchain technologies.
  • Previous experience working at a company or on a project in the blockchain industry.
  • Previous experience in working at organizations in the areas of fintech or financial applications or products.
  • This is a full-time, remote position.
  • Preferred if residing within (+/- 3 hours) Central European time zones.
  • Ideally someone who enjoys travel, nature, and hiking. Often we find that products are best designed not in a meeting room but rather on a trail 🏔️.

Before you apply, please check if any restrictions apply in terms of time zone or country.

This job has a geo-restriction in place:  Europe.

Heliax AG

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Category Writing
Job type Full-time
Hiring from Europe
Date Posted 1yr ago

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