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[Remotive] Slack Community was my daily savior! Firstly, it felt like I'm already having a remote job. I'd sit at my desk, catch up on slack and continue working on my showcase app. There were people that I could interact with, so I didn't feel alone nor lonely in my pursuit. Secondly, I learned that there is a big remote job market which was absolutely essential.

Sanja Mandic, Front-end Developer at Frontastic, Dublin, Ireland.


Once I joined, I was pleasantly surprised with the high volume of conversations and welcoming members! A couple months later, I’ve landed my first role with a fully remote based company. I would’ve never guessed I’d discover my new employer by scrolling through a Slack channel, but Remotive’s insightful community made it possible.

Christian Clark, Inbound Business Development Representative at InVision, New York City, USA.


After hundreds of applications and a lot of interviews that went nowhere, I knew I had to change something and get more creative. I needed a second opinion and some support. I started exploring online and found Remotive. I liked the founders (YOU!) background at Google and his story so I felt it was a program I could trust and get value out of.

Emily Mumper, Customer Success at StrongApp, Santa Cruz, CA.


Joining the Remotive community was the best decision I made when I began my remote job search. (...) As my search came to an end in April 2019 as I received a full time remote offer, I couldn't wait to share it with the Remotive community to encourage those still looking and thank others for helping me through this journey.

Melissa Hunter, Remote Project Manager at Blue Sky eLearn, New York City, USA.


Working remotely feels amazing, and it’s everything I wanted: I have time to spend with my kids, and an exciting and rewarding job (...) So you’d better start early and be part of those who are already defining what the future of works looks like. Remotive can help you with that 👍

Thomas Jost, Back-End Developer at Doist, Nancy, France.


As a remote worker and freelance, I found in Remotive the feeling to belong to a community, a family of workers with the same working philosophy. Remotive is not only a place to get feedback and great resources, but also to give thoughts and ideas, share a state of mind, or just engage in a watercooler conservation. I particularly appreciate the video calls to meet other members and the monthly book club!

Mickaël Arcos, Software Engineer at Freelance, Digital Nomad from France.


I need to thank you for my job... I was looking for an opportunity abroad because I wanted to leave Brazil. I spotted a remote PHP developer on Remotive, a month later I started at Rainmaker Digital Services! I then left Brazil to live a nomad life and visited 10 countries in 10 months! Italy, South Korea, Japan... You guys rock. Thank you!

Léo Muniz, Full Stack developer at Rainmaker Digital, Digital Nomad.


After working on side-projects remotely for the past 6 years, I am now working remotely full-time as an intern, and applying what I learned from Remotive and its awesome community!

Alexandre Mouriec, Frontend Developer and Growth Intern at, Madrid, Spain.

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